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We offer easy and smooth online and remote real estate closing for residential and commercial purchase, sale and mortgage real estate transactions in Ontario and British Columbia.

What is the process?

1. Talk to our lawyers: book a free consultation with our lawyers.

2. Sign online retainer: sign our online retainer and engage our lawyers.

3. Pay the retainer online: pay our retainer online and officially engage our lawyers.

4. Services will be provided: we will start rendering services.


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Legal fee for a purchase of a residential propety without a mortgage plus taxes and disbursements.


Starting at


Legal fee for sale of a residential property with one mortgage payout plus taxes and disbursements


Starting at


Legal fee for refinancing a residential with a bank with no complicated and demanding mortgage instruction with one conventional mortgages plus taxes and disbursements.

Private Mortgage - Lender Side

Starting at


First and second private mortgages acting for the lenders or for both lender and borrower

Private Mortgage - Borrower Side

Starting at


First and second private mortgages acting for the borrower

Co-ownership Agreements

Starting at


Trust and co-ownership agreements for residential and commercial properties

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